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By appointment only.

2020 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 

at Seattle Athletic Club

Exciting news, PediWorx has grown and is now Salon Seattle! 


Salon Seattle is committed to providing the high quality, Advanced Nail & Foot Care services you’ve become accustomed to through PediWorx and more. 

Advanced Nail & Foot Care - 

WATERLESS | VEGAN | LOW-TOX | CLEAN AIR, Our Advanced Nail & Foot Care Services are luxury services offer pampering and long lasting results such as smooth skin, long lasting polish, healthy nails, cosmetic improvements and resolution of many issues that may cause discomfort.


GENTLE MANICURES - No pushing or “cuticle cutting”. We use precision tools and techniques to provide safe, gentle manicures that maintain and contribute to the the integrity of your skin & nails (no nicks or cuts). 

We offer only natural nail services, no extensions available outside of repair. Soft gel specialists.


WATERLESS PEDICURES - We have the perfect pedicure for you whether you are looking for a quick clean up, a perfect polish, a classic pedicure or an in depth visit to resolve discomfort and address concerns about your nail & foot health. Suitable and safe for all including our diabetic, immunocompromised and bacteria conscious clients. 


We look forward to meeting you soon!

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