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What is it?

A waterless nail salon is an innovative concept that focuses on providing nail care services without the use of water in the traditional sense. Instead of soaking nails in water, we use moisturizing creams, oils, and specialized lotions to soften cuticles and hydrate the skin around the nails. We use alternative, gentle techniques, and precision tools (including an electric file or "e-file") to maintain the integrity of your skin and nails. All of our certified nail technicians work with dry nails for both manicures and pedicures to achieve the desired results.

Why waterless?


Retaining the natural moisture in the skin allows conditioning treatments to penetrate better. Polish lasts longer when applied to a fully dry nail. The bottom line?  Your manicure lasts longer and you can go longer between appointments.


Water-soaked skin & nails are more easily damaged during callus reduction, cuticle care, and filing. Waterless services reduce the likelihood of injury/infection, making it safer for everyone— especially for those with diabetes, chronic illness, and compromised immune systems.


Standard pedicures use 8 - 15 gallons of water during the pedicure service and in the cleaning of the basin. We use zero. Conserving water at the salon means more water stays in our ecosystems and reduces the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment.

More about our services


There's no pushing or “cuticle cutting” here. We use precision tools and techniques to provide safe manicures that maintain the integrity of your skin & nails (no nicks or cuts).


Whether you're looking for a quick cleanup, a perfect polish, or a comprehensive nail & foot health visit- we have the perfect service for you. Book with our Certified Master Pedicurists to transform your skin & nails.


We are a small, appointment-only salon, and we serve only 1 or 2 clients at a time. Pike Place Market may be full of hustle and bustle, but your time with us will be quiet, calm, and relaxing.

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